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Farmland Investments in Australia – Great Value Here

Australian Farmland - A Great Investment

For those who may be considering investing in Australian farmland, but have not yet taken the plunge, here is a great graph to consider.  As you can see, over the last nine years, Australian farmland has had the greatest increase in value of any other major market researched.  On top of that, do not forget the incredible value proposition for investing in Australian farmland:

  • Average Price of Farmland in England: Over £6,000/Approximately US$9,300
  • Average Price of Farmland in America: Approximately US$10,000
  • Farmland Investment’s Australian Project: Approximately US$600
Australian farmland yields less because of its dryer climate, but nowhere close to the 15 times less its’ being priced at.  Based on price/yield ratio in England and the US, Australian farmland is undervalued by a factor of three!
If this intrigues you, contact us at info@greenworldbvi.com.  We have a farmland investment in Australia with a reasonably low minimum of(£ 20,000 / AUD30,117.57