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If You Want to See Why Australian Farmland Investments are a Great Option, Consider the Price History Over the Last 20 Years

One of the questions we at GreenWorld frequently get asked by potential clients about our farmland investment in Australia is the price history of Australian farmland.  Our farmland project is located in the western Australian wheat, and we are pleased to note that the average price increase in the last 12 years has been approximately 10%pa, whilst over 22 years it is approximately 15%pa.  We are more then happy to provide the details on these figures to any who asks.

Just to highlight the salient fact about our Australian farmland investment:

  • Located in the Western Australian wheat belt;
  • It is targeted at individual retail investors;
  • This is a direct investment in Australian farmland, not a financial fund or ETF;
  • The average yearly dividend is targeted at 9%;
  • The project offers a GUARANTEED EXIT OPTION of 8 years, so you know when your investment will end and you do not have to worry about how to sell your investment;
  • Finally, it is a purely passive investment in farmland.  The investing option starts at 50 acres for £20,000 (approximately 31,000 AUD), and everything from the planting to the harvesting to sale of the crop into the marketplace is done for you by the on-site project manager.
Please contact us at to learn more about this amazing opportunity.