How to Invest in Australian Farmland?

Invest in Australian Farmland

Let’s say you want to invest in Australian farmland like Jim Rogers.  You may also have noticed that farmland investing has also become a huge trend among large institutional investors such as pension funds.  What would be the next steps? As we have mentioned previously, Jim Rogers is involved with a couple of farmland investment funds, but even if you are a big fan of Jim’s like we at GreenWorld are, these farmland funds are targeted at the very wealthy, with minimum investment requirements in the hundreds of thousands.  .

The good news is, just recently a number of options have been developed for retail investors to invest in farmland. The most common is for a developer to purchase a large tract of agricultural land, and then divide it into individual parcels for sale.  GreenWorld is in the forefront of this trend, as we are involved in three large agricultural land projects, including one in Australian farmland.  This large tract of agricultural land is then offered to individual investors in increments ranging from as little as one acre in our African and European projects, and 50 acres in GreenWorld’s Australian farmland investment. The key point here is that these are NOT financial funds of any sort, but actually investments in the direct asset of farmland itself.

The investor receives direct ownership of a plot of farmland, and a portion from the sale of crops which constitutes the investor’s yearly income yield.  Investors also are entitled to any increase in the capital value of the land. Investors are free to sell their farmland at any time, which is one way they could cash out, whilst we also believe that one or more of these farmland investments will ultimately be acquired by giant institutional investors.  In Australia, for example, China’s concern with food stability due to its shrinking arable land is already causing large Chinese state-owned agriculture firms to purchase large amount of Australian farmland.

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